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Interactive applications

Allow your website users to actively interact with the site. Present a product or service in an interesting and memorable way. Be interactive applications on the site.

Use the interactive application


Increase the views

Increase social activity

Increase the loyalty of the audience

The longer hold the users on the site

Upgrade SEO exponent

One-way communication with the user

Static content

passive client



Dialogue with the user

Active interaction

The effects affecting the user



Interactive applications for the site

Showrooms and interactive fitting

Universal Virtual fitting for your site: You can measure almost everything! Your users will be able to try on wedding dresses, design kitchen, choose a tie, arrange machinery and equipment for the house, pick up wheels and tuning for cars, dress up children, pick a tattoo, change the door and the fence for the house, pick up jewelry, decor and accessories, choose a picture or watch for the interior and much more. Just choose what is necessary for you!


Interactive Site

Add realism to your sites. Implement attractive effects and "chips". Model 3600 for products and offers. The booklets, which can turn like a book. Create interactive versions of materials (catalogs, brochures, presentations and brand book).

Interactive widgets for your site

Create a pop-up form for the site a couple of clicks without the knowledge of HTML and designer. Adjust active invitation to dialogue.


Interactive applications from the Profseller

- It is easy to change the layout using the convenient designer styles.

- Set on the site in a single click.

- the flexibility to customize display.

- The ability to display both the page and the pop-up window.

- The ability to deploy applications on one or more pages.

- Personalize applications - the use of targeting - display according to the user.

- developed by professionals for web-design, it-programming and internet marketing.

- Compatible with any sites. Universal solutions system does not require the development of modules for your content management system. Solutions are compatible with most content management systems and websites without CMS.

- free and available for free fare at attractive prices advanced features.

- Modern technology - offer advanced solutions for online marketing, advanced interactive content solutions. Choosing and implementing effective solutions that lead to you customers and increase sales.


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