How to connect the fitting-room - showroom on website

The fitting-roon can be placed on the website within a few minutes

HOW TO START: Quick Setup and Connection

Registration for the service Profseller

Sign up on the site to begin using the service solutions.


1 Specify which items to show

Place your model to display: Load a single photo, and use a common data service "My products and services." Download the image to display.

2 Set up your Showroom

Select a predefined style design or customize your own. It is easy to change the layout using the convenient designer styles. If necessary, set the display setting dressing room at will.

3. Place the widget on the page of the site.

You do not have to place the widget code for the dressing on the site each time. Make changes, and they will automatically appear on the site.

What's next:

Tell your customers about the new opportunities.

Manage product placement.

Get detailed statistics views.

Take orders from the page Showroom

The Showroom can be used even on a free rate!


Start increases sales

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